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"After being introduced to Sound Bath therapy and the healing solfeggio frequencies. I have been healed from years of mental anguish. I had PTSD, anxiety, worry, and fear. After attending this class and listening to the music daily. My mind is clear my relationships have changed for the better and I am healed. I have a new life and a fresh start. Thank you so much!"


"Gina was amazing to work with! She, is such a wonderful healer and nurturing soul. We really dug into my truths and life purpose and she helped me to develop strength and confidence in myself through different healing techniques such as sound bath, breathwork, visualizations, cord cutting, hypnosis and reiki. This has really helped me a lot in my personal life and how I handle life’s situations. I always looked forward to our sessions and left feeling so uplifted and refreshed! I would really recommend Gina’s program for anyone who is ready to change their life for the better."


"I was inspired to get a soundbath after getting a little taste of sound bowl healing affects that I experienced during a yoga class. I discovered Soundbath Haven in an effort to continue my journey healing from anxiety, ptsd from trauma, and general “growing pains” as I am going on 28. I booked a private session with Gina, whose very warm and nurturing spirit made me very comfortable for my first soundbath w/ reiki. Its like a long meditation: I imagined I was laying on a cloud and birds were singing a song just for me as I float, giving myself a moment to take a personal vacation. It’s been about a week since and I’m feeling very in tune, higher energy levels, out my head, focused, and have a good feeling in and around me. Simply taking an intentional to give yourself a moment to have a positive experience has profound effects. Get into it! Create your unique experience with a Soundbath Haven session"